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Today I completed Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, an on-rails shooter made by Capcom exclusively for The Wii. The console, unfortunately, will not receive Resident Evil 5, but, as a compensation, the Wii owners have the exclusivity of UC that, contrary to expectations, was launched as very good game; a high class title, in fact.

The game is incredibly fun and it was very well produced. It retell (with more details) the story of the past episodes of the series and add an extra episode, wich shows the end of the Umbrella Coorporation (something that was lost in Resident Evil 4). So, for those who appreciate the storyline of the franchise, I think that UC is extremely recommended.

In my case, I didn’t get the game for this motivation. I got it because I like on-rails shooters games. In beginning I was expecting something very simple but, for my surprise, I found a complex game with a big variety of scenarios, situations, weapons and enemies (the bosses are simply fantastic). We have 12 normal levels and 9 secrets ones; I completed the game in 4 hours and 38 minutes, but I still don’t beat 4 secret levels (I have some more fun ahead). In other words, Unbrella Chrocniles is an on-rails shooter game with a duration of some adventure games; and, most importantly, the title is fun from the beginning until the end. There is no moment where you feel tired of it because all the time the game is very exciting. To duplicate the fun factor you can play with a friend in a cooperative multiplayer mode.

So, that’s my recomendation. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is a competent game. It has good visuals, great challange and a semiperfect gameplay. The Wii owners may not receive their version of RE5 (what is a misfortune), but they still have great exclusive game from the series. So, if you have a Nintendo Wii, don’t miss the chance to play UC.


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That’s right! Again I’m starting a new blog (the sixtieth, I think). Without presentations, I will start posting about a game that keep me occupied during this weekend. Yes, it’s based on a random american movie, but it’s not bad like almost all games based on this kind of film. In this case, believe it or not, the game is better than the movie.

The gameplay of Speed Racer is very interesting. It’s easy to learn how to control the car: just turn the Wiimote to the left or to the right. In addition you can do some movements against your adversaries (it’s called ‘car-fu’ in the game). It’s a pretty sweet idea that works fine here, making the title more fun e much more competitive. Yes, Speed Racer has a good level of challenge: the others racers are very active, using ‘cur-fu’ all the time – and sometimes it is annoying.

You will find a big quantity of circuits, but with similar visuals. There are only 5 variations of themes in this game (something like Excite Truck), and this is not a good point. On the other hand, there are a great variety of cars and pilots with diferent designs e characteristics. The one player mode is good, but if you want to play online, you can’t. The game has only an offline multiplayer mode, what is a shame.

In the technical department Speed Racer is pretty decent. The graphics are very well done: the stages has a fantastic draw distance with detailed enviroments; the cars has some great design and the game runs smooth, without slowdown. The sound is only generic, with generic songs and generic sound effects (but with a nice voice work).

Speed Racer is not a great title, but it has many good points and can offer some hours of entertainment for those who like racing games. It’s a good heating before the real big deal, the next F-zero game.

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