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I recently watched the newest film of Evangelion. As a hardcore fan of this franchise I think that’s is my obligation to talk about it here. But, first of all, for those who don’t know what is Evangelion, let me explain the basic in the next paragraph.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin Seiki Evangelion in Japan) is one of the most influential anime/manga franchises in the history of the modern audiovisual art. It’s so important that, for me (and for many people) the timeline of the japanese animation and manga is divided in two parts: ‘before Evangelion’ and ‘after Evangelion’. Why? Because EVA is just freakin’ amazing! The TV series debuted in 1995 bringing a new level of complexity and inovation to the world of the contemporany art. For me, even now, in terms of art, there are few productions that can compared with Evangelion. That’s the reason why I feel obliged to talk about this movie here.

So, returning to the main topic, Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01 is the first movie from a series of four that has the objective to rebuild the original anime using the technology (and the money) that Gainax, the studio that produced the original, didn’t have in 1995. This film is an adaptation of episodes 1 through 6 of the TV series. While the most part of the scenes were similar to the original, fans will notice the change of some details – some sequences were completely rewrited, like the battle against the angel Ramiel. And, in the end os the movie, we wiil face a scene with a character that appeared only in the very end of the TV series. Because this I think that in the next film we are going to find a storyboard considerably different from the original; or so I hope (honestly, I don’t want to see the same story again).

As a conclusion what I have to say is: the movie is pretty decent and has some good material for EVAfans like me. I just can’t wait for the next one.


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