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Base Ball Bear

Music? Yep, let’s talk about music this time. Last week I started to watch the anime Toshokan Sensou. It is great (later I will do a post about it), but another thing caught my attention after the first episode: it was the ending theme song of the series, because it is exactly my style of sound. The song that I’m talking about is “Changes” from Base Ball Bear.

This group is a japanese rock band that presents some influence of the oldschool japanese indie rock band Supercar (disbanded in 2005). I like of Supercar and I’m really happy to have discovered another band that make the same kind of their sound. Even the formation of the two bands is similiar: three guys (guitar, guitar-vocal and drums) and one [cute] girl (bass-beck vocal). They have some influence of Numer Girl too; they are another alternative group from Japan disbanded in 2002. They had a pretty good and strong sound.

Actualy Base Ball Bear is doing a fantastic job and already is one of my favorite bands besides others japanese groups such as Garnet Crow, Do As Infinity, UVERworld and Spitz. They have songs that can touch you and making you feel great (at least, it happens with me). If you like good music, you need to know Base Ball Bear. Some recommendantions:

. Changes – My favorite BBB song. The lyric is interesting and the PV will make sense once you understand the lyric (google it to find the translation).

. Eletric Summer – I like the rhythm and the melody of this song. The refrain is quite good and the PV is… curious.

. Aishiteru – This PV is creative and the lyric (it is subbed) is just fantastic. But this translation is not so good. In the ending he don’t say “I love you, mostly probably… problaby” but “I love you, you… maybe”.

. Sayonara Nostalgia (live) – It’s all about Shouhei’s crazy dancing. Just watch it and believe it!


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